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Acousti Racks Manufacturers

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Why Acoustirack?

  • Provides noise reduction up to 30dB
  • Manages 8KW of heat dissipation
  • Dust protection for 19-inch servers
  • Unique and high-quality acoustic materials
  • Ergonomically & aesthetically designed
  • Elegant in appearance
  • Occupies less space
  • Unattainable spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible section


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Save Money

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Green your IT

The Acoustirack eliminates noise pollution and consumes less energy. Companies are freed from paying exorbitant energy bills.

Gain a competetive edge

The Acoustirack is designed to trap and absorb unwanted noise generated inside the data center and offers your products without noise.

Extend the life of your equipment

The Acoustirack is designed to prevent hotpot within the data centers thereby maintaining a constant temperature. This prevents machine burnout and increases the lifetime of the equipment.

About Acoustirack

Work in a data center exposes staff to some suboptimal working conditions. Noise, temperature, and air circulation are three of the biggest environmental issues that data center workers face. The whir of hard discs and fans spinning inside the servers create a loud environment. The noise levels data center workers are exposed to could lead to hearing impairment. The noise levels in modern high‐density data centers are encroaching on occupational noise limits. The cacophony of noise makes it practically impossible for technicians to work in the environment without undue mental fatigue.

NetRack’s AcoustiRACK ACTIVE (ARA) is a soundproof rack mount cabinet with an unprecedented level of noise reduction up to 30dB with 8KW heat dissipation and dust protection for 19-inch servers and networking equipment. This helps provide a quieter and less stressful environment for employees.

The Active Silencer Fan Tray (ASFT) is a fan drawer, designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure while preventing noise from escaping.

Silentium's proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. Quiet server racks and soundproof computer cabinets virtually eliminate the perception of loud server noise or dampen it down to an acceptable level. Employees are no longer faced with the myriad of physical and psychological ills associated with exposure to chronic noise pollution.